Terms of Contract

Acceptance of a place at Nursery requires:

Confirmation of spaces reserved, start date, times of settling in period.

Agreement to terms of contract as stated.

A registration fee of £60 deducted from fees for the first month.

Dependant on the time between Registration and Start date it may be necessary for the Nursery to request advance payment of 50% of the fees anticipated for the first month of attendance. This amount will also be deducted from fees for the first month, the remaining balance becoming due on the actual start date.
An attendance of 15 hours  per week is our minimum entry, we will do our best to meet your childcare needs.  Until your child is comfortable and for your peace of mind, we recommend that you stay with your child, for a period during the hour of settling in or nearby in the premises.
We believe this will help your child settle more quickly and feel secure.  We offer a free settling in period, approximately one hour, on each of the days appropriate to the sessions your child will be attending in order to familiarise with the Nursery environment, Staff and Children.
Full day care is provided Monday- Friday, all year round with the exption of all Bank Holidays, & 1 x week at christmas, 1x week over Easter, and 1 x week in the summer holiday (dates to be confirmed annually) when the Nursery is closed.
All Day: 8am-6pm We provide full of part time places all year round. We accept 2,3 & 4 years old Early Education Funding (EEF).  We are registered for Tax free childcare, work voucher schemes for which you need our Ofsted number 2652225.  Funding is applied against all year round fees under the offer either 11 or 30 hours per week over 49 weeks according to entitlement to either 15 or 30 hours.
Conditions of Nursery Registration and Insurance require that children must be collected in time to have left the premises at the end of each session by 6.00p.m.
 Equally arrival times cannot be before 8.00a.m. Please speak to us about additional days to the minimum. 

FEES:   £6 per hour  You will receive a fee sheet every term detailing how funding is applied &  additional fees for consumables, as per Government guidlines.
PAYABLE:  Per calendar month, in advance due the 1st of each month, and includes sickness/holidays. Sessions are not transferable without a months notice. Fees are not payable for: 1 x week Christmas closure, 1 x week Easter holiday closure & 1 x week Summer holiday closure, and all additional Bank holidays (dates to be confirmed annually).
CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT (which includes session alterations) requires a NOTICE PERIOD of ONE MONTH or PAYMENT IN LIEU. This is necessary to enable us to accommodate children on the waiting list and keep staffing levels constant and maintain the submission of funding constant which is expected termly to BCP Council.    


Food & Drink Provision

The children are offered a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack of fruit and milk a two-course hot lunch and two-course high tea, water is available all day.

STAFF: Are professionally trained and qualified in Childcare, experienced and caring. All Staff must be in possession of a First Aid Certificate, have been vetted and approved by Management checks made at the Disclosure Barring Service & satisfactory references received.    Staff continuously refresh/upgrade their qualifications in Childcare & Education, Health & Safety, Safeguarding Children, First Aid, Food & Hygiene and are committed to all the Policies in operation at the Nursery. For reasons of Safeguarding/Confidentiality/Professionalism staff are unable to become "friends" on any social networking site or accept requests to babysit children currently attending the Nursery. 

STAFF: Are aware of the Children Act, Every Child Matters, the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage and the Welfare requirements.

STUDENTS: From local Schools/College/University will, on occasions, be on a training placement in the Nursery under the supervision of Staff and will be visited regularly by their Tutor/Assessor.

We would request that you provide us with: 3 passport size photographs of: Your child, self and partner and any other carer authorised by you. In the event of any change in Partner/Carer, we will need alternative photographs to be immediately available to register on file and on your advice of an emergency situation will ask you to advise the name, description of your emergency carer and your "password" to be used, on that day only. It may be necessary for staff to take a photo of the emergency Carer in order that their details can be added to your child's records for future security & Safeguarding.
Should your child become unwell, we will advise you immediately, (i.e. up to date phone numbers vital) in order that you can arrange collection and if necessary visit your G.P.  If your child is physically sick or has diarrhoea, develops a rash, conjunctivitis or a high temperature, collection will be necessary.  If you are aware that your child is suffering from a contagious illness, for the protection of your child, the other nursery children and staff, please do not send them in, but do please advise us. Many childhood illnesses are highly infectious, particularly in the early stages and your child may need to rest at home for advised period of time, if in doubt, please contact us for our Nursery guidelines, but the ultimate advisor must be your family doctor. If your child has been prescribed antibiotics, return to nursery can be after 24 hours of medication. If your child requires medicine to be administered during attendance at Nursery, this must be prescribed by your GP clearly labelled with your child's name & we must have a signed Nursery consent form (which can be obtained from a member of staff) giving permission to deliver the medication, stating when medication commenced, the dose, time of dose and frequency. Non prescribed medication e.g. Calpol, Cough Linctus etc must be provided by yourself can be administered by a member of staff but also requires a signed consent form. Should you wish you may come into the Nursery to administer this yourself to your child, however Calpol etc cannot be used as a blanket solution and should a regular pattern appear we may request you consult your Doctor before we agree to continued administration as part of our commitment to safeguarding.

If your child requires emergency specialist medication e.g. Epipen, Rectal Diazepam, Buccal Midazolam etc. this may delay the entry of your child until the staff team have received the relevant training from the Children's Community Nursing Team at Poole Hospital. Accessing this training can take up to 4 weeks, we will do all we can to ensure the entry of your child is not unrealistically delayed. If your child is diagnosed with the need for emergency specialist medication whilst already attending Nursery, we will actively seek training relevant to the medical need of your child. It may be a requirement that your child remains at home with you or a family member until training is received. If so, the Nursery will not charge for each session of unavoidable non-attendance.


Should you have any change of address/telephone number (especially mobiles/emails) personal circumstances, or discover your child has developed a new allergy or fear, please advise us in order to record for the benefit of your child.  


There are many incidents which may affect a child's wellbeing - illness, death of a loved one or pet, moving house, a friend moving away, arguments, separation, a new baby, loss of a favourite toy, fears, going on holiday, to the dentist, doctor, hospital etc. Please keep the nursery informed of circumstances so that we may work together to help your child understand and accept the change. Please feel free to discuss any problems with senior members of staff and be assured that confidences will remain within the Nursery, we can offer signposting for support to families.

Talbot Park Nursery is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, families young people and our staff. Working together with other agencies and referring concerns to the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Team based in Poole Police Station, in line with the Local Safeguarding Children Board, and Working Together to Safeguard Children Document 2015 and updates. It is a legal responsibility and requirement of this Nursery to inform other agencies if we suspect a child/person is suffering from, or likely to suffer harm from all types of abuse including (FGM, Sexual exploitation, trafficking, extremism or radicalisation) and we work proactively in this role. We operate a culture of “openness and support” where staff members are responsible for raising concerns known as “whistleblowing” if they have concerns about colleagues or other professionals. The safety of your child is paramount to us.  

Regular Fire/Safety drills are held, the scenario and escape routes for which vary.  Staff are trained and practiced, each with their individual responsibility, the immediate task being to guide your child to safety.

Risk assessment is practised and regularly reviewed.        
Through activities children learn about their bodies, stranger danger and road safety. The Nursery Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Laura Overton and deputy Dianna Lock, both attend DSL meetings and CPD is ongoing. Parents/Carers are made aware that Nursery complies with the No Smoking legislation. Also, Parents/Carers must not use devices: Mobile Phones, Cameras, iPad etc, whilst inside the Nursery Building/Environment to comply with Safeguarding (Photograph policy).


All materials used, electrical, mechanical, window catches, locks, smoke alarms are regularly checked & serviced, furniture, all indoor & outdoor equipment maintained and replaced when necessary, regularly cleaned and sanitized.
Risk assessment is practised and regularly reviewed.

The Nursery is comprehensively covered including Employers, Public and Equipment liability.(Certificate displayed in our entrance hall).

At Talbot Park Nursery it is of importance to us for the children, their families, staff & visitors that:
Everyone has the opportunity of access to and awareness of all areas of our curriculum (EYFS).
We monitor and evaluate the opinion of everyone involved in our setting and the local community.
We promote values & equality in our policy's and immediately update any changes in legislation to meet the needs of all.
We celebrate the special qualities of everyone.
Discriminatory behaviour is challenged & support offered to ensure due respect & value of the children, their families, the staff team & community

Policies are numerous relevant to the Care and Education of your child and include: Health/Safety, Safeguarding,  Behaviour Management, Staffing etc. available for your perusal. These are regularly reviewed, and any new policies added advised to you. A loan copy is available and your input regarding amendment/additions would be valued, the Nursery Operational Plan can also be viewed.

We endeavour to make the opportunity to take your child on short local outings (with your permission of course) to the Library/Post Office/ Supermarket/Fire Station, Nature trails, Picnics, Walks and games in the Park etc.  These are always adequately staffed and we walk, use the kiddybus (six seater pushchair) or use Public Transport for which there is no additional charge.
The Outings Policy is regularly reviewed and Risk Assessment is practised.

The Government Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) require that all Providers of Education for children offer a curriculum specific to the areas of learning outlined within our Aims & Objectives. Our Inspection Report is readily available to view on the Parent noticeboard and online on the Ofsted report pages.
We are to provide and record details of the progress and attainment of your child within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Therefore, records are kept on your child from their entry to Nursery which commences with the "About me" Questionnaire which we need you to complete, together with your comments and signature. Records are updated at various intervals and are used to plan the next steps for your child. We also provide your child with a secure 'E Learning- Journal' through our partner 'Tapestry' which documents your child’s learning and development through observations, we hasten to advise that only you and Nursery staff will have access to a personal secure log in once set up. Parent and Practitoner meetings are held twice a year so that you can converse with your child's key person directly. We ask you to comment on tapestry observations and welcome you to add your own observations as frequently as you wish.
N.B. Please feel free to ask questions, discuss your ideas or concerns at any time with your child’s key person, you do not need to wait until our regular parent meetings.

Laura Overton is the qualified Special Needs Co-ordinator for the Nursery. Working in conjunction with the Early Years Special Needs Team and complies with the Special Needs and Disability Code of Practice (updated 2015). It may be that an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP), be required and regularly reviewed. The level of help will be as closely matched as possible to the needs of your child, subject to consultation with, and the approval of yourself as the Parent/Carer. As the Parent/Carer you will be consulted at each stage in the process. We work closely with Bournemouth Early Years SEND advisory team and follow the Early Help arrangement process for support & if needed, requests for Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) will be put into place.

We must be advised of any additional needs which your child may have, as well as any specialist treatment, (past or present) being undertaken in order to establish the need for a qualified one to one practitioner. Should a one to one practitioner be necessary the funding for this additional service has to be approved by the Bournemouth Early Years Specialist Team, we also require a qualified practitioner in place before your child is able to start Nursery. Should this need emerge once you child has started with the Nursery it may be necessary for your child to remain at home until these conditions have been met. It may also ultimately emerge that our setting may not be able to offer the best advantages for your child, in this unlikely event we will work with you to find settings more appropriate and beneficial to the needs of your child.

In the event of any concerns you may have which you feel have not been addressed to your satisfaction informally by either Staff or Management you are at liberty to take the matter up directly with the Registering Authority OFSTED who can be contacted at 03001234666 (Complaints and Enforcements) or write direct to Early Years, Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, 26-32 Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD.

You are also at liberty to advise Ofsted, at the same address, should you wish to compliment the Nursery in respect of the Care/Education of your child, or our excellent Staff or complete a compliment slip and post in the box by our entrance door.

Regrettably we now have double yellows along the entire road.  However, there is legal parking in Osbourne Road opposite, Berkeley Road, & Sedgeley, first on the left/right.  We have two driveways that we ask you to use for briefly ‘dropping off’ and collecting your child.  We would strongly request that you do not park outside the Nursery or on the pavement or block the drives of our neighbours (or use their drives) as this can be extremely hazardous to the Nursery children and all other road users, and we would therefore appreciate your co-operation and patience.  Continuous disregard may result in the place for your child being withdrawn.