What to Bring each Session


We would request that you equip your child with the following each session:

Labelled clothing, (appropriate to climate) - we go outside in all weathers!!!

A small back pack with a set of spare clothes & (if toilet training extra knickers/pants/socks/shoes).

Shoes/trainers/wellington boots suitable for safe outdoor play. (If wet weather and wellington boots are worn please bring indoor shoes to change into).

If required 3 x nappies (min) per session and wipes.
We provide all meals, drinks and snacks and are a  'Nut Free Zone' so no nut items (inc. peanut butter).  

Please do not allow your child to bring to the Nursery: Toys, sweets, chewing gum, lollies, or money, electrical items (ipod/ipad/ mobile phone. We do promote show and tell themed weeks which are notified to you in advance.    

To help with settling in, of course, a comfort blanket, favourite soft toy, silk material etc., is acceptable, but do please advise the Staff to avoid confusion with Nursery items as it is upsetting to see a child or parent distressed when a precious toy becomes lost. We cannot take responsibility for any personal items/belongings including clothing should they become lost or damaged.